Finding New Meaning in Used Materials

Impact Recycling Partners processes and optimizes diverse waste streams for plastic, e-waste, food waste, corrugated materials, and more.

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Creative Recycling Solutions

IRP solutions actively keep waste and reusable materials out of landfills. Impact Recycling Partners implements the highest GBCI standards for every organization we bring on board. We achieve this by providing a second life to used materials and establishing sustainable waste stream programs for your facility. 

We proudly provide numerous businesses in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina with proven, specialized solutions for reusing or recycling plastic, cardboard, electronics, and more. Your organization’s materials gain new meaning with our specialized programs for product conversion, package reprocessing, box recycling and reuse, plus additional sustainability services.

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Specialized Waste Outlets

IRP gives used materials a second life by repurposing what was formerly considered waste. Traditional recycling companies focus on single stream programs, we look for the highest and best use of that material. The accumulating e-waste at electronic recycling companies produces harmful pollutants. Cardboard recycling companies employ outdated tactics that simply aren’t sustainable. We look at all materials differently to streamline and simplify waste stream management with creative recycling solutions. Contact us today to give the following used materials a second life:

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Corrugated Boxes &
Crate Recycling

The original objective to give cardboard boxes a second life has significantly expanded since American Box’s fruition in 1956. Over the years, our initiatives have successfully repurposed millions of boxes, crates, and other corrugated materials for further use. Impact Recycling Partners develops innovative alternatives to traditional waste streams through strategic reuse solutions, lessening the need for raw packaging materials.

Creative Solutions

We convert boxes and crates that we can’t reuse into various useful materials, depending on their composition. Most collected corrugated waste is converted into pulp or animal bedding. However, our creative sustainability team specializes in finding new and unique ways to reuse cardboard and similar materials.

Flexible Packaging

Single-use plastics and other flexible packaging have been typically sent to landfills or incinerators. To optimize the circular economy, we safely recycle and reprocess these materials for other uses. Having diverted thousands of tons of mixed plastics from landfills, Impact Recycling Partners efficiently repurposes flexible packaging to avoid further waste accumulation in dumpsites.

Flexible plastic packaging prepped for reuse

Creative Solutions

Depending on their original purpose, flexible packaging gets recycled and converted into various materials. These creative conversions typically include pottery, pavers, composite decking, or shingles. Modern, flexible plastics are surprisingly resilient, meaning their applications are nearly limitless.

rigid plastic water bottles prepped for recycling

Rigid Packaging

The negative environmental impact of durable rigid plastics has quickly overshadowed the convenience of premium packaging. Thankfully, numerous valuable uses exist for these materials in addition to their initial purpose. Many of these products can be converted and combined to create another rigid package. Our creative recycling and repurposing solutions give hard plastics and similar materials a second life.

Creative Solutions

Rigid plastics have multiple reuse opportunities, and we leverage that knowledge to create innovative programs. Collected hard plastics are converted into buckets, laundry baskets, or other storage solutions.

Organic Waste Removal
& Composting

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that one-third of all U.S. food goes uneaten. The majority of this organic waste sits in landfills generating methane gas. At Impact Recycling Partners, we redirect food waste into the proper composting facilities, encouraging a circular economy. This sustainable service is just one of the ways that our company brings new meaning to used, formerly scrap materials.

Person raking food waste into compost

Creative Solutions

Our team de-packages all food items and sends them to industrial composting locations. Unfortunately, not all food waste is safely compostable. We convert any remaining non-compostable organic waste into animal feed or other raw materials. 

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Electronic Waste

According to the EPA, only a quarter of electronic waste is recycled, meaning the remaining e-scrap accumulates in landfills. As a result, precious metals can’t be recovered and ultimately go to waste. Protect the environment and sensitive business information with Impact Recycling Partners’ professional e-waste destruction services. We ensure all data is securely disposed of and recover any valuable materials for reuse.

Creative Solutions

Before physical waste destruction, our specialists carefully transfer and eliminate all sensitive data. Impact Recycling Partners then takes all recovered metals and uses them to manufacture new electronics. Once we remove and recover any valuable raw materials, the team safely recycles the remaining e-waste.

Why True Certification for Recycling & Waste Management?

Granting TRUE Certification to qualified businesses helps promote widespread corporate sustainability practices. A TRUE-certified space meets the highest standards of environmental responsibility and resource efficiency. This zero waste-to-landfill certification boasts sustainability, leadership, and accountability for your company. Our Certified TRUE Advisors help create value for businesses all over the U.S., including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and West Virginia, in addition to:

Save Money

Since waste is a sign of inefficiency, reducing waste reduces costs. Projects often generate additional revenue.

Progress Faster

An effective zero waste strategy leads to larger, more innovative procedure changes.

Reinforce Goals

A zero waste strategy improves your triple bottom line and supports organizational sustainability goals.

Reduce Usage

Optimized recycling and waste solutions use fewer new raw materials and send no waste to landfills or incinerators.

Exhibit Leadership

This commitment shows customers you lead from the front by committing to third-party certification.

Display Proudly

Products manufactured in TRUE-certified facilities can use this watermark to tell their customers.

Implement IRP's Innovative Solutions to Drive Value in Your Waste Stream

Typical waste management consultants fall short of true sustainability. Our Certified TRUE Advisors work towards inspiring a new generation of zero waste companies and commercial outlets. A TRUE certification watermark represents more than an eco-friendly facility. This accreditation shows active effort toward widespread environmental responsibility. Impact Recycling Partners rethinks your commercial waste streams to contain and manage the corporate waste problem. Stop waste accumulation at the source by consulting with certified TRUE advisors at IRP.

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