Box Office Specials: Driving Change, One Box at a Time!

Box Office Specials: Driving Change, One Box at a Time!

In today’s dynamic business landscape, finding the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainability is paramount. At IMPACT Recycling Partners, we recognize this challenge and are committed to providing innovative solutions to our customer base. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our latest offering: our monthly Box Office Specials newsletter.

Box Office Specials isn’t just another monthly email in your inbox; it connects you with eco-friendly packaging solutions. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes, this initiative represents our dedication to making sustainability accessible and affordable. Here’s what sets Box Office Specials apart:

From compact cartons to large gaylord boxes, our newsletter features a curated selection of recycled boxes in various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re packaging delicate items or bulk goods, you’ll find the perfect fit among our offerings.

Quality is non-negotiable at IMPACT Recycling Partners. Every box featured in Box Office Specials undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent standards for durability and performance. When you choose our boxes, you’re choosing peace of mind.

Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do. By opting for our boxes, you’re actively participating in the circular economy, reducing waste, and conserving precious resources. Together, we’re making a tangible difference for the planet, one box at a time.

We understand the importance of managing costs without compromising on quality. That’s why Box Office Specials offers discounted prices on premium recycled boxes, allowing you to save money while championing sustainability.

Ordering through Box Office Specials is simple and straightforward. Browse our newsletter, select the boxes that meet your requirements, and place your order with ease. Our dedicated team will ensure prompt delivery to your facility, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Box sizes and locations will be clearly listed from each of our three facilities (Philadelphia, Ambridge, and Tipp City) for your convenience. If you respond to the email with the size and quantity you are interested in, we will send you your custom quote right away. Enroll today by emailing [email protected].

Embrace the future of packaging with IMPACT Recycling Partners’ Box Office Specials. Subscribe today and embark on a journey towards sustainable, cost-effective solutions that make a positive impact on your business and the world. Together, let’s redefine the way we think about packaging—one box at a time.

Cycle Works Partners with Green Foot Carbon

In January 2007, Cycle Works commenced operations in various town communities, serving 26 customers through door-to-door sales. Cycle Works is dedicated to maintaining strong ties with the local community. “We achieve this by hiring locally, […] 

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Safe Fleet and ITA Dynamics Unveil Integrated Financial and Routing Management System at Waste Expo 2024

Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling, a leader in smart truck technology for waste management, and ITA Dynamics, a top provider of Microsoft Dynamics-based billing solutions for the waste and recycling industry, […] 

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Press for success: four tips from readers on the best ways to sell secondhand clothes

Price and cleanliness are key to recycling fashion – and friends, charities, theatre groups and even museums will take quality castoffsSelling your clothes isn’t just great for the environment, it also helps free up space in your wardrobe (for more secondhand clothes).When asked for tips for selling unwanted clothing, Guardian… 

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The public can now access an online library of environmental justice-related resources through the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Justice Clearinghouse unveiled last week. The purpose of the searchable library is to make it easier and more efficient for advocates and stakeholders to access resources that could propel their work, according to the agency. “Everyone interested in environmental justice will be able to find resources on one website,” Jalonne White-Newsome, federal chief environmental justice officer for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said in a statement.  The library includes over 200 resources such as available funding opportunities, screening and mapping tools, federal research and guides and information about organizations with specific subject-matter expertise. The National League of Cities’ sustainability director, Peyton Siler Jones, said in an email that the clearinghouse “offers a navigable set of useful resources that municipal leaders can use to inform their planning, policy, and funding to center environmental justice in their climate work.” Siler Jones said that the information in the database makes an “excellent start” at providing cities, towns and villages with the variety of resources they need for environmental justice work. The Biden administration says it has made environmental justice a central part of its agenda and is doling out billions of dollars for local projects. The clearinghouse, established through an executive order signed in April 2023, builds upon that work. “President Biden tasked the entire federal government with breaking down barriers to resources and information that help communities pursue environmental justice,” White-Newsome said. The resources currently in the online library are based on submissions from federal agencies, but the EPA hopes to add to the library on a rolling basis with suggestions submitted by the public. “It will only be made stronger with suggestions from the American people,” Theresa Segovia, principal deputy assistant director for the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, said in a statement. Submissions must be free, publicly available and link to a non-editable document like a PDF or website. “The opportunity to provide feedback here will allow the tool to evolve over time to address the needs of diverse stakeholders,” Siler Jones said.

EPA unveils environmental justice ‘clearinghouse’ with hundreds of resources

The public can now access an online library of environmental justice-related resources through the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Justice Clearinghouse unveiled last week. The purpose of the searchable library is to make it easier and more efficient for advocates and stakeholders to access resources that could propel their work, according to the agency. “Everyone interested in environmental justice will be able… 

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Stamp of Approval: Understanding a Box’s Certification Stamp

Cardboard boxes, in their myriad forms, hold a pivotal role in packaging diverse items. Yet, amidst their varying thicknesses, designs, and sizes, there exists a subtle but significant feature—the box maker’s certification stamp. Often nestled inconspicuously at the box’s base, this stamp holds the key to understanding the box’s narrative.

Each certification stamp is a testament to meticulous testing and adherence to specific criteria. Before delving into its narrative, it’s essential to recognize the two primary strength tests applied to cardboard boxes: the Mullen test and the Edge Crush Test (ECT)

.The Mullen Test

  • Manufacturer: Among the initial details on the stamp lies the identity of the box manufacturer, providing insights into its origins
  • Thickness: Listed alongside the manufacturer, this denotes the wall thickness, ranging from single to triple wall, the latter often reserved for specialized applications.
  • Bursting Test: Evaluates the box’s resistance to wall punctures, ensuring its durability.
  • Minimum combined Weight Facings: The total weight of the manufactured liner before it’s cut down into boxes.
  • Size Limit: Lists the total sum of the outside dimensions of the box.
  • Gross Weight Limit: Establishes the maximum permissible weight for both box and contents, ensuring safe transit.
  • City & State: Provides the manufacturing location, aiding in quality control and issue resolution.

Edge Crush Test (ECT)

  • Manufacturer: Similar to the Mullen Test, this identifies the company behind the box’s creation.
  • Thickness: Indicates the box’s wall configuration, be it single, double, or triple wall, affecting its strength.
  • Edge Crush Test: Quantifies the box’s strength through a concise two-digit number.
  • Size Limit: Mirroring its Mullen counterpart, this defines the box’s maximum external dimensions.
  • Gross Weight Limit: Specifies the maximum allowable weight for box and contents, safeguarding against overloading.
  • City & State: Identifies the manufacturing location, aiding in traceability and quality assurance.

Understanding the certification stamp not only unveils the box’s narrative but also equips one with crucial insights into its limitations. It serves as a beacon, guiding users through the complexities of packaging, ensuring safe and efficient transit of goods.

City Council OKs Study of Houston, TX Solid Waste Department that Could Recommend Garbage Fee

Houston City Council approved paying for a study that could recommend a monthly garbage fee. The controversial idea has been proposed and rejected before, but the odds may be rising […] 

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New Safety Guidelines: NFPA 401 for Hazardous Waste Management Best Practices

The National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) has released NFPA 401, Recommended Practice for the Prevention of Fires and Uncontrolled Chemical Reactions in Hazardous Waste Handling. Developed in response to expert […] 

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Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Collection Event in PA Brings in 48,000 Pounds of Household Hazardous Waste

Despite coming to a temporary halt when potentially explosive substances were brought to the site, the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority disposed of nearly 48,000 pounds of household hazardous […] 

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Greyparrot and VAN DYK Recycling Solutions Partner to Revolutionize U.S. Waste Sorting and Processing with AI

Greyparrot, a global leader in AI waste analytics, announces an exclusive partnership with VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, a leading provider of recycling and waste sorting systems, ahead of WasteExpo 2024 […] 

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Weber County, UT and Qnergy Expand Methane Abatement Project to Eliminate More than 95% of Methane Emissions at Closed Landfill

Weber County has partnered with Qnergy to install a Methane Destruction System at the closed County landfill located next to the Weber County Archery Park. The methane harvested will be […] 

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Gatehouse Purchasing Hires Brandon Becker to Empower Growth in the Southeast Region

Gatehouse Purchasing announces the addition of Brandon Becker as Sales Manager for the Southeast Region. Brandon brings an impressive sales background and years of experience in the waste and recycling […] 

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