Innovative Waste Stream Management & Recycling Services

Adding Value by Improving Sustainability

Typically, waste is an indicator of inefficiency. Traditional waste management consultants perpetuate this attitude with outdated recycling methods. Allow Impact Recycling Partners to redefine your business’s sustainability initiatives with help from our Certified TRUE Advisors. We develop a custom solution for improving your sustainability practices and creating endless circular value out of used materials.

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Our Waste Diversion Process

Impact Recycling Partners employs the zero waste definitions established by the Green Business Certification Inc. in our processes, making us leaders in commercial sustainability efforts.

1. Discover

Our initial discovery process lays the foundation for the organization’s recycling and disposal protocol. Our consultants start by identifying current recycling efforts and the company’s ultimate sustainability goals.

  • What waste streams are currently being generated?
  • What environmental or sustainability goals does your organization have?
  • What does your organization want to achieve by reaching these objectives?

2. Diagnose

The second step in our process analyzes the effectiveness of the client’s existing programs and verifies the value of their used materials.

  • How well are the current waste initiatives and recycling programs working?
  • Is your organization capturing maximum value from materials?

3. Develop

Next, our sustainability consultants create innovative solutions for the facility’s waste streams. These custom initiatives generate circular value through repurposed materials and diverted waste.

  • What solutions can simplify and streamline your organization’s waste stream as a whole?
  • What specific programs and training can we implement to support the journey to zero waste?

4. Determine

The last step involves collecting feedback on the efficacy of the revised waste management methods. We help the client make any necessary adjustments to new programs and fine-tune staff training for optimal results.

  • How well are the new programs working?
  • What feedback are we receiving from staff and stakeholders?
  • Where do adjustments need to be made in order to reach your organization’s goals?
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The TRUE Certification Process

  1. On-site audit with Impact team to determine current state
  2. Impact team develops minimum requirements for pre-certification
  3. Submit pre-certification documents to GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.)
  4. Implement strategies, track performance, and baseline data with IRP
  5. Submit certification application to GBCI
  6. Review initial feedback from GBCI
  7. Host a tour and interview with the GBCI assessor on site
  8. Accept the final report and TRUE Certification
  9. Submit case study and maintain zero-waste initiatives for continued progress

Partner with IRP to Develop Innovative Zero Waste to Landfill Programs for Your Organization

Rethinking zero waste with Impact Recycling Partners benefits every aspect of your business. Our waste stream management and recycling services involve more than traditional landfill diversion. IRP’s proven sustainability solutions reinforce your company goals, save money, and improve your triple bottom line while reducing overall usage. Reach your sustainability goals and scale your organization with Impact Recycling Partners – the pioneer in landfill diversion.

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