Optimize Waste & Recycling Streams

Improve the
Circular Economy

Create Value from
Used Materials

our mission

We’re encouraging organizations to break the status quo when it comes to their waste and recycling programs. Impact Recycling Partners collaborates with clients to develop programs that contribute to the circular economy, help them become more environmentally responsible, and create value for their stakeholders, customers, and employees.

At Impact Recycling Partners we’re committed to the following:

  • Inspiring organizations to optimize their waste and recycling programs
  • Collaborating with clients to improve the circular economy
  • Helping organizations become more environmentally responsible
  • Advancing organizations and facilitating their progress through innovative reuse initiatives
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Since 2010, we've Helped numerous organizations make an impact…

$ 0 Million
In revenue generated for the companies we work with
0 Million
Cardboard boxes given a
second life
0 Tons
Of mixed plastics diverted from regional landfills

Second Life Services

  • Innovative Recycling Solutions

    Look for creative alternatives to single stream recycling programs to drive value in your organization.

  • Full Waste Stream Management

    Create the ideal solution for simplifying the management of your waste and recycling streams.

  • TRUE Zero Waste Certification

    Show customers that your business is environmentally responsible by committing to a zero waste certification.

  • Process Design & Improvement

    Optimize waste processes and create sustainable practices in every department.

  • Innovative Recycling Solutions

    Implement creative solutions for recycling and waste management to maximize value for everyone involved

  • Depackaging

    Organize waste to evaluate the ideal solution for reusing packaging materials and food waste

  • Beverage

    Safely and properly dispose of liquid waste products without causing environmental harm

  • Data & E-Waste Destruction

    Organize waste to evaluate the ideal solution for reusing packaging materials and food waste

  • Data Management & Analysis

    Keep your business running efficiently with in-depth data analysis services

  • Consolidated

    Simplify bookkeeping with our consolidated invoicing capabilities

Giving Materials a second life

Corrugated Boxes & Paper Materials

Flexible Plastic Packaging

Rigid Plastic Packaging

Organic & Food Waste


True zero waste initiatives divert waste from landfills while strategically repurposing used materials. Impact Recycling Partners refines these basic recycling and waste management methods to create value for your business and reinforce corporate sustainability efforts.

Why True Certification for Recycling & Waste Management?

Giving your materials a second life means something to us. That’s why we focus on moving your waste streams directly to end users whenever possible. Impact Recycling Partners unearths the potential of used materials by rethinking modern approaches to zero waste. Through sustainability consulting and facilitating TRUE Zero Waste Certification, we give added value and meaning to the word “waste.”

Save Money

By reducing waste output and creatively reusing materials

Progress Faster

By implementing a zero waste strategy that leads to innovative changes

Reinforce Goals

By improving your triple bottom line and supporting organizational objectives

Reduce Usage

By utilizing fewer new raw materials and diverting waste from landfills

Exhibit Leadership

By standing out with desirable third-party certification

Display Proudly

By using the certified watermark to tell customers you care about the environment

Contact a certified
true Advisor

We proudly transform waste streams into value streams for organizations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina. Typical sustainability consulting firms haul waste to landfills or recycling centers. Our Certified TRUE Advisors do more than move waste around. Impact Recycling Partners looks at your used materials differently by finding creative ways to repurpose and convert them into additional assets. We believe zero waste should mean something. Your business can create this meaning by improving your internal waste and recycling programs. Contact Impact Recycling Partners today to boost your commercial sustainability initiatives with a TRUE Zero Waste Certification.


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