Workhorse Brewery Used Impact Recycling Partners to Divert Waste From Landfill to Biofuel

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Workhorse Brewing Company, a Pennsylvania-based beer manufacturer and taproom, teamed up with Impact Recycling Partners to use modern sustainability practices and reduced costs versus hauling waste to an overcrowded landfill.  

Mary Linn Leonards, Chief Revenue Officer with Impact Recycling Partners explains, “This is true sustainability. From their doors to our facility, we used our state-of-the-art depackaging equipment and a proven process to separate the beer from the aluminum cans. Once separated, the two resultant waste streams are recycled and diverted from the landfill. The aluminum went back to the mill and the beer off to an anaerobic digestor for conversion to biofuel.”

Workhorse Brewery manufactures custom-designed beer brands that are distributed to retailers throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its taproom includes a restaurant, retail store, and private events in 5000+ square feet of space in King of Prussia PA.

“From start to finish the destruction of our materials was extremely efficient,” adds James Gentile, Head of Brewing Operations at Workhorse Brewing Company. “Impact Recycling gave us comfort in being environmentally responsible. We also liked that they provided a circular solution to the aluminum and product.”

About Impact Recycling Partners

Impact Recycling Partners is a zero waste programs company founded in Philadelphia in 1956 and a sustainability partner to companies across the United States. Programs include buying and selling once-used corrugated boxes, single stream recycling solutions, TRUE facility certification, full waste stream management, and brand destruction and depackaging. The company is based in Philadelphia, PA with satellite locations along the east coast. Originally established as American Box & Recycling Company.

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