From Waste to Worth: The Power of a Reusable Box Program 

Manufacturers work diligently to assemble their product and ship it out the door for sale. They all have their own process, routine, and methodology to get to this point. Whether they are in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and beverage, or others – they’re focused more about outbound shipments than inbound.  

The common thread between all these manufacturers? The component boxes they are unpacking daily at their facility. They are receiving multiple trailer loads per day of caps, bottles, lids, and other parts for their final product. These components are unpacked, implemented into their manufactured process, and the boxes…well they are tossed to the side.  

What if these boxes, instead of just being mere remnants of the manufacturing process, could be given a new purpose? What if they could contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach?  

Forward thinking manufacturers are quickly adopting and implementing a reusable box program. Instead of discarding the boxes after unloading the components, manufacturers can set up a retrieval process for refurbishment and reuse. This has resulted in increased rebate, reduction in labor, and a huge environmental step forward.  

Reusable box programs often result in rebates of $150 – $300/ton! The rebates do not fluctuate depending on the market, staying the same month to month. Beyond the financial gains, the shift towards reusable box programs allows manufacturers to redeploy labor resources more efficiently, focusing on tasks that contribute directly to the core production process.  

For this program to be successful, manufacturers should be generating 300 or more of the same sized cardboard boxes per day. There must be continuity in the boxes being unpacked for the program to be successful.  

The onboarding for this program is painless. Simply unpack the boxes carrying your components, break the box down, stack it flat on a pallet, stack the boxes to 52”, shrink wrap the material, and load it onto our trailer which is docked free of charge.  

The process is simple, the implementation is straightforward, and the path forward is green. 

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