Sustainable Sips: Join Us Monthly For A Morning Brew of Insight

At IMPACT Recycling Partners, we believe in more than just recycling – we’re passionate about education, sustainability, and building a community around eco-conscious practices. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our newest endeavor: Sustainable Sips, a monthly webinar series designed to invigorate your mornings with knowledge and conversation, all over a steaming cup of coffee.

Each month, Sustainable Sips delves into a different facet of our operations, offering an insider’s look at how we’re making a difference in the world of recycling and waste management. From the innovative technology behind our tiger depacking unit to the economic and environmental advantages of selling reusable boxes, we cover it all.

Our inaugural episode in February set the stage, showcasing the intricate process of our tiger depackaging unit in action. Led by our knowledgeable host, Mary Linn Leonards, viewers were treated to a firsthand glimpse of materials being transformed and repurposed right before their eyes. Find that episode here.

In March, we explored the transformative power of our reusable box program, sharing success stories and practical insights into our used box programs. From food and beverage giants to pharmaceutical innovators, we’ve helped leading manufacturers embrace sustainability while enhancing their bottom line. Find that episode here.

And now, as we approach April, we’re gearing up for our next installment on Tuesday, April 23rd at 9 am. This month’s focus? The managed waste side of our business. Join Mary Linn Leonards as she unpacks the benefits of partnering with IMPACT Recycling Partners, shares client success stories, and guides you through the process of getting started. Register for our upcoming event here.

But the perks of joining us don’t end there. We believe in rewarding our community for their engagement and feedback. That’s why when you sign up for our webinar, attend, and share your thoughts in our post-event survey, you’ll receive a $25 Starbucks gift card as a token of our appreciation.

So, why not start your morning on a sustainable note with IMPACT Recycling Partners? Let’s sip and learn together, forging a brighter, greener future, one webinar at a time. Register for our next event today and be part of the conversation.