No Mix Up: Helping a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Solve for Mixed Commodities

In the heart of the Midwest, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer found themselves grappling with a significant waste management challenge. Hundreds of once-used cap, bottle, and lid boxes, along with shrink wrap, cardboard bales, and cardboard cores, were piling up each day. Their existing recycling program involved baling all materials and incurring pull charges with each pickup. Impact Recycling Partner approached them with a long term solution to turn expenses into revenue. 

The pharmaceutical giant faced a dual problem – excessive waste generation and escalating costs associated with traditional recycling methods. The need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution was evident, prompting them to seek a partner capable of transforming their waste management practices.  

Recognizing the unique challenges posed by the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s waste stream, Impact Recycling Partners devised a tailored solution. Instead of adhering to conventional baling methods, they introduced a drop trailer system that accepted mixed commodities. This innovative approach allowed the efficient collection of once-used boxes, cardboard bales, shrink wrap bales, and cardboard cores without the need for costly baling processes. 

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of Pull Charges: Unlike the previous recycling service, Impact Recycling Partners completely eliminated pull charges. This not only reduced operational costs but also streamlined the waste management process. 
  • Mixed Commodities Collection: The introduction of a drop trailer with mixed commodities facilitated the collection of various materials in a single haul. This not only saved time but also contributed to a more sustainable and efficient waste management system.  
  • Revenue Surge: The impact was immediate – the pharmaceutical manufacturer experienced a remarkable 115% increase in waste revenue. By optimizing their recycling process, they turned what was once considered waste into a valuable revenue stream. 

The success achieved through this transformative waste management solution fostered a strong and enduring partnership between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and Impact Recycling Partners. Beyond the financial benefits, the pharmaceutical company also embraced a more environmentally conscious approach to waste disposal, aligning with their commitment to sustainability. 

This success story exemplifies the positive impact that innovative waste management solutions can have on both the environment and the bottom line. Through their strategic approach, Impact Recycling Partners not only addressed the specific challenges faced by the pharmaceutical manufacturer but also paved the way for a greener, more sustainable future in waste management. We still receive 3 trailer loads per week of material from this partner.

Does this story sound like you? Contact a sustainability expert at Impact Recycling Partners to see how we can put a program in place for you!