Feel Boxed In? A Guide to See if You Qualify for Our Used Box Program

If your business is swimming in a sea of surplus cardboard boxes – whether they’re for caps, bottles, lids, or other components – you’ve landed in the right place. Impact Recycling Partners has been at the forefront of packaging waste solutions for 50 years, and our Used Box Program is here to provide your company with a sustainable and lucrative way to manage surplus materials.

Before delving into the qualifications, let’s explore why your company should be interested in our program. Impact Recycling Partners recognizes the inherent value in giving used boxes a second life. Our Used Box Program offers a myriad of benefits:

Maximize Rebates: By participating in our program, you can maximize rebates, turning your used boxes into a potential source of revenue for your business. Impact Recycling’s rebates fall between $150 – $300 per ton depending on the box sizes.

Reduce Labor: Our program streamlines the waste management process, reducing the labor required for handling surplus cardboard boxes within your facility.

Market Fluctuation Protection: Partnering with Impact Recycling Partners shields your business from market fluctuations, providing stability in the management of your used packaging materials.

Now, let’s determine if your company qualifies for our Used Box Program.

Generating 300 or more of the same-sized cardboard boxes is a crucial criterion. Whether your business is in the beverage industry, pharmaceutical sector, or any other sector with similar packaging needs, substantial volumes are welcomed.

Do you have open dock doors for our drop trailer? Alternatively, is there floor space available to hold a half or full load of used boxes stacked on pallets? This is vital, as Impact Recycling Partners can maximize your rebate by purchasing boxes in bulk.

Having adequate dock or floor space is ideal, but if not, we may still be able to assist. Impact Recycling Partners can pick up your materials with our 26′ box truck, providing a flexible solution tailored to your business needs.

To get started, evaluate your box volume per day. Make sure they are the same sized boxes being generated. Ensure that you have open dock door or sufficient floor space to accommodate our program. Last, but most importantly, reach out to our team to express your interest and provide this information. We are happy to help.

Don’t let surplus cardboard boxes be a burden to your business. Impact Recycling Partners’ Used Box Program is designed to turn these materials into opportunities for revenue and sustainability. Contact us today to explore how your company can benefit from this transformative program and break free from feeling boxed in!