Blooming Business: IMPACT Recycling Partners’ Best Kept Secret

IMPACT Recycling Partners (IRP) has a secret. A secret that has been quietly benefiting companies for years. The key to this secret? Floral trays

Across the Northeast and Midwest, greenhouses have been benefiting from IRP’s innovative approach to packaging solutions. With over a million floral trays sold, IRP has become a trusted partner for businesses aiming to save money while embracing eco-friendly practices. Our largest customer saved over $45,000 in 2023 by utilizing this material for their business!

These trays play a crucial role in IRP’s mission to reduce packaging costs while promoting sustainability. Unlike recycled boxes, these trays are brand new from manufacturing mills. Leveraging their network of manufacturers, IRP seizes opportunities to acquire excess trays, ensuring a steady and varied inventory.

The process is simple yet effective: customers purchase these trays in flat-pack form on pallets, requiring just a few staples to assemble. In addition to traditional trays, IRP occasionally has self-locking options, providing versatility to meet diverse needs.

Available in a range of sizes, our inventory constantly evolves to try and match demand. Popular sizes like 17 x 12 x 3 are frequently sought after, while smaller options such as 15 x 11 x 2 and 14 x 10 x 3 cater to specific requirements.

While these trays may bear branding from their original purpose—think Gatorade, Coca Cola, Kraft, and Arizona Iced Tea—they offer substantial savings compared to traditional floral trays. Whether you’re purchasing a trailer load or a pallet order, IRP ensures a consistent pricing structure, passing on savings to all customers.

As spring arrives and demand surges, our trays are moving fast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your packaging process and save money with IRP. Get in touch today to secure your order and experience the difference firsthand.