Success: Wholesale Clothing Donation Network

Context & Challenge

A prominent wholesale clothing donation center encountered difficulties in securing, transporting, and safeguarding substantial amounts of fabric for national and international donation shipments. This posed a challenge not only in terms of logistical efficiency but also in protecting the quality of the donated clothing during transit.


In addressing this logistical challenge, IMPACT strategically stepped in to provide a solution. Recognizing the need for secure packaging, IMPACT introduced a thoughtful approach by offering loose cardboard to be used in securing both the front and back of clothing bales destined for shipments. This innovative solution aimed at enhancing the efficiency of bale creation and minimizing the risk of damage to the donated clothing.


The implemented strategy brought about tangible improvements in the transportation process. By using loose cardboard to secure clothing bales, IMPACT significantly reduced the occurrence of damaged goods during transit. This not only ensured the integrity of the donated clothing but also increased the overall volume of clothing successfully delivered to both domestic and international locations.

As a result of IMPACT’s efforts to secure the material in transit, the wholesale clothing donation center was able to donate clothing to more individuals of all ages. This success not only contributed to lessening the liability associated with damaged goods but also demonstrated the positive impact of strategic measures in optimizing donation shipments. IMPACT ‘s commitment to securing materials for efficient transit played a pivotal role in expanding the reach and effectiveness of the clothing donation center’s philanthropic efforts.

Making an Impact
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