Success: Nationwide Charitable Organization

Context & Challenge

The East Coast division of a large, nation-wide charitable organization often faces a mundane but not insignificant challenge: how to find enough boxes to ship the large quantity of charitable supplies from where they are sourced to where they need to go to meet human needs.


Over the last few years, IMPACT has helped to solve this challenge by maintaining a low-cost per item but a substantial commercial relationship with the charity.


IMPACT provides the East Coast division with the majority of their boxes for their distribution centers with an annual supply of between 50 and 100 trailer loads of boxes, gaylords, and packaging equipment for their supply chain and e-commerce division. Through IMPACT’s lower, non-profit pricing rate, the charity is able to simultaneously provide its essential services (from clothing to toys and beyond) to its target population, save over $1M in packaging and shipping costs, and support its sustainability aspirations by giving these boxes a second life.

Making an Impact
with Innovative Sustainability Services