Success: National Convenience Store Distributor

Context & Challenge

A distributor for convenience stores faced a critical challenge in finding an effective way to maintain the freshness of confectioneries during shipments, particularly in the need for temperature control.


In response to this challenge, IMPACT undertook a strategic initiative. They utilized refrigerated containers, commonly known as reefers, and ingeniously designed insulating bag liners. This approach was aimed at ensuring precise and efficient temperature control throughout the transit of confectioneries.


The implemented solution not only addressed the distributor’s immediate challenge but also presented a cost-effective and sustainable approach to keeping confectioneries cold during transit. The use of reefers and custom insulating bag liners not only maintained the quality and freshness of the products but also showcased a commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious practices. This comprehensive solution demonstrated IMPACT’s capability to not just meet immediate needs but to do so with a strategic and sustainable mindset, offering a model for efficient temperature control in the distribution of perishable goods.

Making an Impact
with Innovative Sustainability Services