Success: Multi-National Food & Mineral Company

Context & Challenge

A health food company had a large quantity of vegan milk on hand that had to be disposed of. However, in line with the company’s sustainability ethos, senior leadership did not want the spoiled wares to feed landfills; rather, they sought to both sustainably get rid of the tainted liquid but also, ideally, to recycle the Tetra Pak containers.


IMPACT used a de-packer machine to quickly and effectively empty the vegan milk containers of their original contents and compost them. Next, we were able to separate the plastic and paper components of the containers so that each could be recycled in turn, leaving nothing remaining that had to be hauled away as trash.


In 2022, IMPACT was able to divert 124 tons of total waste from going to the landfills, removed 117 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere, took the equivalent of 91 cars off the road, and earned the company over $5,000 from reselling (rather than destroying) materials (mainly shipping containers) that were associated with the spoiled milk.

Making an Impact
with Innovative Sustainability Services