Success: Leading Retail Distribution Giant

Context & Challenge

A major retail giant was grappling with the crucial need for a consistent supply of once-used boxes for diverse shipments within their distribution center. The challenge was exacerbated by frequent delays in delivery times and the unpredictable availability of supplies from their traditional suppliers.


In response to this complex challenge, IMPACT took a highly targeted approach by sourcing once-used boxes explicitly tailored to meet the unique requirements of the retail giant. This involved a meticulous evaluation of the size and condition specifications for the needed boxes. To ensure a steady and dependable supply, IMPACT strategically entered into contracts with pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers, guaranteeing an ongoing weekly stream of the required boxes.


By securing a reliable supply of once-used boxes on a truckload basis, IMPACT not only met the retail company’s needs but also contributed to sustainable practices. The introduction of once-used boxes streamlined the packaging process within the distribution center, improving operational efficiency while adhering to environmentally conscious practices. This solution not only addressed the immediate challenge of obtaining consistent box supplies but also aligned with a broader commitment to resource efficiency and responsible business practices.

Making an Impact
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