Success: Global Beverage Giant

Context & Challenge

One of the world’s largest producers of malt beverages faced a crisis of expired and unsaleable beer, cider and seltzers.  This fortune 100 company had already worked to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging materials by using recycled content in their cans as well as lightweighting packaging.  The company wanted to ensure that their continued efforts on sustainability were met by destroying the product in an economical and sustainable manner.   


IMPACT used their efficient collection routing and expedited transportation capabilities to acquire the product from several locations along the east coast.  The material was delivered to our Philadelphia facility where a de-packer machine was used to empty the containers and collect the vast amount of aluminum and cardboard packaging quickly and effectively.  All packaging was recycled appropriately, and the contents of all beverages were sent to anaerobic digestion, creating complete circularity for the customer.  



In 2023, IMPACT was able to efficiently process over 150 truckloads of product and divert 750 tons of total waste from going to the landfill and removed 225 metric tons of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere. 

Making an Impact
with Innovative Sustainability Services