Success: A fresh produce manufacturing company

Context & Challenge

A manufacturing company specializing in fresh produce found themselves facing a recurring challenge: despite generating 850 used pallets per month, their rebate remained stagnant at a cost-neutral level. This discrepancy highlighted an inefficiency in their pallet management system, hindering their ability to optimize revenue streams.


In response to this pressing challenge, IRP swiftly intervened. Recognizing the untapped potential within the surplus pallet inventory, we identified an opportunity to match the volume with a consumer, thereby unlocking a new revenue stream for the manufacturing company.


Through strategic matchmaking and leveraging our extensive network, IRP facilitated the seamless transfer of surplus pallets to a willing consumer. This innovative solution not only addressed the company’s rebate stagnation but also transformed their surplus pallets into a valuable asset, generating additional revenue.

By harnessing the potential of surplus pallets and establishing a waste revenue stream, the manufacturing company witnessed a tangible improvement in their financial metrics. This collaborative effort between the company and IRP showcases the power of proactive problem-solving and sustainable practices in driving both economic and environmental benefits.

Making an Impact
with Innovative Sustainability Services