Success: A food bank in the North East

Context & Challenge

A food bank in the North East had a specific requirement for custom-sized boxes bearing their branded logo. However, their limited volume posed challenges in securing machine time with a cardboard box manufacturer, hindering their ability to meet their branding and packaging needs efficiently.


IRP swiftly intervened to address the food bank’s request. Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we partnered with a manufacturer to provide a quote for the custom-printed boxes, ensuring that the food bank’s branding requirements could be met effectively.


Through strategic collaboration and efficient coordination, IRP facilitated the production of a trailer load of custom-printed boxes for the food bank. We ensured monthly deliveries to meet their ongoing packaging needs, streamlining the process and eliminating logistical hurdles.

The partnership between IRP and the food bank resulted in the successful fulfillment of their branding and packaging requirements. By leveraging our network and expertise, we provided a tailored solution that met the food bank’s needs efficiently and effectively. This collaboration underscores the power of strategic partnerships in addressing unique challenges and driving positive outcomes.

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